What You Need to Learn to Pursue a Carpentry Career

What You Need to Learn to Pursue a Carpentry Career

Ever thought of pursuing a carpentry career? Some have and are very successful while others have tried and failed. If you don’t know yet what to do after high school, you should consider it especially if you are good with your hands.

First of, what is a carpenter? He or she is a craftsman with the skill and experience to do just about anything like fix a cabinet, make a table or build a house. Since he cannot do everything single handedly, other carpenters are there to help out especially depending on their expertise.

To become a carpenter, you must at least graduate from high school. From there, you are advised to go to a community, technical and vocational school for advanced studies in carpentry.

There you will learn everything you need to know about residential or commercial construction. These include the practices, procedures, techniques, tools and equipment, materials, specifications, quality control, cost control, and safety.

Your proficiency will then be tested doing various tasks such as reading blueprints, calculating cost, drilling and setting door, hanging doors, laying out stairs and common rafters and a lot more.

Since you are a member of the team, you also have to develop good communication and interpersonal skills so you will be able to follow instructions and work well with your co-workers.

You won’t always be told what to do as a carpenter, which is why you also have to develop your organizational skills. This will give you the ability to organize the group if ever no one is around to take charge. This will involve completing the paperwork and submitting this in a timely manner so that all the requirements are at par with the building code.

If you have worked with a contractor for a long time, your skills will be needed in more than one job site so you will have to drive from one place to the next.

Since carpentry requires a lot of back breaking work, you have to physically fit so you won’t have a hard time crawling, kneeling, climbing or lifting stuff whenever it is required.

One last thing you need to do after getting a certificate of completion from a school is to work as an apprentice. Think of it like on the job training which may last three to four years but afterwards, you can expect to be paid very well by the house since this is commensurate on your experience.

So what do you need to learn to pursue a carpentry career? Simply put the knowledge and the techniques to get the job done. You are not expected to learn this all in one day but with experience as your teacher and the help of those around, you will be able to become a skilled carpenter that can do just about anything with the right tools and materials.

But should you pursue a carpentry career when the economy is down? A lot of experts say yes because when the economy will improve in the long term. One study shows that work as a carpenter is expected to grow steadily through 2012 especially when a lot of experience carpenters retire and leave this occupation. So if still don’t know what to do yet, consider a carpentry career.