Trusty Play Station 2

Trusty Play Station 2

Play station 2 (PS2) are very in demand nowadays following the path of the play station 1. Kids will even ignore most of their toys because of the existence of the play stations 2. They would rather buy play station games than buying toy guns, cars cards or balls. Countless hours of fun are expected with this new game console from Sony.

Play station 2 is the game that most kids from ages 8 and above are playing. And what some people do not know, PS 2 is also used to send electronic emails and browse the Web. This is the wonders brought upon by the new and ever-growing technology of the 21st century.

Play stations, because of its high technology have also presented many innovative games in the market through the many software and game developers in the market. And because of this variety of games, play stations enthusiasts increases its number on a daily basis. Before, only children are the ones who would spend their time playing game consoles and computer games, now, even professionals and the parents of these children would compete with their children. This is due to the great graphics and game play the PS2 offers.

This makes the playstation 2 undoubtedly to be the primary game console of most computer game players. Plays station 2 has raised its criterion following the triumph of the play station 1. Many other game consoles are following on its heels but Playstation is still the top crowd drawer.

Here just a sample of the games for Playstation 2 that has made people go gaga over:

1. PS 2 Finding Nemo – this is applicable for everyone. The price of this game ranges from 11 dollars to 15 dollars.

2. PS 2 Wheel of Fortune – good for everyone use. The price ranges from 12 dollars to 13 dollars.

3. PS 2 50 Cent Bulletproof – this is applicable only for elder people ages 18 and above. The price of this is 24 dollars and ninety-nine cents.

4. PS 2 NBA Live – This game is good for everyone. The usual price of this game is twenty seven dollars.

5. PS 2 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006 – this game is available online. This is good for everybody. The price of this game if twenty eight dollars.

6. PS 2 NCAA March Madness 2006 – this game is applicable for everyone. You can purchase this PS 2 game for only twenty seven dollars.

7. PS 2 the Prince of Persia Two Thrones – this can be bought for thirty dollars only.

8. PS 2 Dragon Balls Z – available for thirty dollars up to fifty dollars.

9. PS 2 Sitting Ducks – good to purchase for nine dollars to nineteen dollars.

10. PS 2 Grand Theft Auto – the price for this game is seventeen dollars to forty

Most of the games mentioned above are also available online so the minute you want to purchase any of the said games, it is recommended that you log on to the internet. This will help you decide on what game to purchase. And also prices are already presented on the net so, you are given a chance to compare prices. This will make it easier for you when buying any of the games.

And also, to all the parents, keep in mind that even if you tolerate your children to play the games of play station 2, it is still necessary that you guide them. There are games that can get violent and not suited for children of all ages.