The Helicopter Game

The Helicopter Game

Have you tried the helicopter game lately?

If you are bored with the same old game you usually play over the more popular gaming sites, then why not try the helicopter game? If you are looking for something new, then the helicopter game must be for you.

So what’s with the helicopter game?

First things first… do not expect great graphics for you will not see one. You will not see rockets and missiles shooting off the Blackhawk or Comanche because you are neither playing with such helicopters. You will not carry heavy artilleries during the game. You will not have any mission to take or save people for terrorists in the most remote places on earth. And you will not even have to worry about the controls for the missiles, the take off, and the maneuvers for you will never going to need it.

What you will get is a simple 2-D graphic interface taking you back 2 decades ago… Getting the picture? If not try to imagine the legendary Pacman. Yah, yah… no monsters here but the graphic is relatively the same (if not exactly the same).

The helicopter game is a simple flash game with a simple mission: to get as many points as you could while avoiding walls and trying not to hit the upper and the lower borders or the tunnel-like terrain. You fly with a 2-centimeter helicopter (that comes wit a blue rotor, I wonder what is its model) that goes up and down with a click of the mouse. Anyway, the smoke on the tail of the helicopter is just an effect. You don’t need to be troubled about it.

How to play the Helicopter game?

If you know how to click the mouse button, then you surely know how to play the helicopter game. There are 2 ways to navigate: upward and downward. To achieve altitude, you need to hold the mouse button (just make sure you don’t hit the green wall). If you want to go down, but not totally down, just release the mouse button. You get back on flight if you resume your “mousecapade”. That simple and that easy; your intelligent dog can play it… nah, just kidding.

Helicopter game might be 20 years behind most of the technologically advanced games today. But what the heck? For a change, you can try it and play if for a couple of minutes just to kill time during breaks. You need not to spend you whole day playing it.