The ABC’s Of Home School: Deciding To Study At Home

The ABC’s Of Home School: Deciding To Study At Home

“There’s no place like home,” says the lovely Dorothy to get out of the wonderful Land of Oz Indeed, for many people, home is the place to be. It is where one sleeps, eats, relaxes and lives. But now, it can also be the place where one can study. This is not just about doing homework or reviewing lessons learned from school, but real, full-time education at home.

Before, studying at home was a luxury available only to the elite and aristocratic families who believed it best for their children to stay in their large mansions rather than mingle with common people in school houses. Today, practically anyone can gain education from a home school with more standardized systems of instruction and more advanced technology.

However, deciding to study at home is not an easy matter. Making a school out of a home is not at all a simple task. There are many things to consider before one embarks on home education. Deciding to study at home could affect one’s entire life.

For the part of the student:

A home school requires strict commitment. It takes a lot of time in a learner’s day, perhaps as much time as one would spend on a regular school, if not more. This commitment is very difficult to keep since one would be staying at home, where many distractions are present – television, the bed, the fridge, and so on.

A home school would also limit a child’s interaction with other people; this could greatly affect one’s social development, though it might be beneficial for those who would want to monitor children’s contact with others.

There is also a great danger of being bored when a student is confined to a certain place, a child might even get tired of seeing his or her own parents, thus it is highly important to know how to make things exciting for the home school student.

For the part of the parent:

A home school entails a lot of sacrifice. Most home schools operate nowadays with at least a parent staying at home acting as the teacher since the services of full-time private teachers are quite expensive. This means that the home school parent might have to give up a job or even personal time. Leaving a job might also pose a financial strain in the family since only one parent would be earning even if the costs of having a home school are not that high. While a lot of families can thrive with just one parent working, a great number of families depend on two sources of incomes.

Having school at home can also make it difficult for parents to accomplish housework. Since more time is spent educating the child, there is a tendency for one to leave usual chores behind. Moreover, a home school can even add more to the messes that a regular home would already have.

Deciding to Have School at Home

When choosing between a home school and a regular school it is very essential for both parents to make the decision. A home school would be quite unsuccessful if the household on which it stands is not united. A home school requires the support of everyone involved.

This brings into question the willingness of the child who is to study in the home school. While the ultimate decision to study at home is made by the parents, the choice would be useless if the child does not cooperate. Thus it is important to discuss everything with the prospective home student before making the final decision.

There are many options regarding home schools. To learn more about them, simply search for home schooling websites in the internet, or contact your local education board. Education at home can be effective and if done well, can truly make home the place to be.

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