Study Abroad in Tibet

Study Abroad in Tibet

Are you the type who wants to know more about Tibet? Are you interested in knowing about Tibet’s history, culture, and everything about its people? If so, then there’s no other decision to do than to study abroad in Tibet.

Studying abroad in Tibet can be one of the most important decisions you can do in life. As you may know, Tibet is one of the most popular exotic places on earth, and knowing all about it is no doubt challenging. You’ll learn the culture of exotic people, including the ancient culture, the Buddhist philosophy, history, sacred arts, and a lot more. What’s more interesting to know is that when you study abroad in Tibet, you have the chance to witness the beauty of the stunning natural environments.

So are you ready to take the challenge? There’s good news for you – a number of programs are now available for those who wish to study abroad in Tibet. These programs are offered by several agencies and institutions these days knowing that more and more people are now dreaming to study abroad in Tibet. And, perhaps what’s nice to know about these opportunities is that they can be accessed through online sources.

I have mentioned below some of the most trusted and most visited sites online for studying abroad programs in Tibet. Just consider the following, and if you have time, try to visit these sites for more information. Read and understand everything that is presented and see if you qualify for the programs offered by these sites.

Pacific Village Institute at

The Pacific Village Institute is actually one of the most successful institutions offering programs for those who wish to study abroad in Tibet. Currently, they are offering their so-called “Tibet and China: Explore the Crossroads of Culture, Landscapes, and Relationships” program, which is designed to provide the high school seniors, college undergraduates, and students of gap year the chance to study abroad and learn the ancient and modern culture of China and Tibet. Note that this program focuses much on learning the language of Tibet and China, community service, homestays, independent study projects, spiritual traditions, Chinese medicine, arts, and a lot more.

For more information, just visit

Tibetan and Himalayan Studies at

Originated in Dharamsala, the study abroad program known as “Tibet/Bhutan: Tibetan and Himalayan Studies” is one of the most active programs available for those who wish to study abroad in Tibet, China. This program was designed mainly to help students learn the traditional and contemporary culture of Tibet, but also the government in the said area. Also covered by this program are studies about the Tibetan history, Buddhism, and the political community in exile. The students taking this program will need to interact with people, ranging from government officials, local scholars, and to non-governmental and religious officials. Indeed, they will be exposed to a number of experts capable of helping them learn everything about Tibet.