Spot it (3)

Spot it

Is your child having problems finding Waldo? Well it seems that your kid’s visual perception skills need to have some practice. If your child seems to be frustrated looking for things then it’s time to get Spot it. It is a fast-paced and fun-filled card game that gets its strength from its simplicity. Anyone that is seven years old or older can have a kick playing this game. You can play this in groups of two to eight players. Playing this toy is easy, just draw the cards and be the first one to find a match in the symbols on the cards. The only catch is that there is only one matching symbol that exists between cards. The first one that finds a match and calls it out is the winner. It’s that simple.
The toy consists of 55 circular cards (as opposed to the rectangular cards that we are used to), each are decorated with a variety of symbols. The symbols range from snowflakes, lightning bolts or dragons. It also has words printed on it like stop, OK and art among others. The symbols are universally recognized that allows anybody to enjoy the toy. The challenge of the toy needs to have a speedy cognitive process which challenges your visual perception, reaction time and hand and eye coordination. You are going to be hooked on the fast pace and the speed of the competition. Each match proves to be an exciting time because the challenge will fuel your desire to win; making you want to play it again and become the best at it.
Playing the game is easy; simply draw at random two cards and place them face up on the table so everyone can see it. You need to find the matching symbols between the two cards. The first player that finds a match and calls it out wins the game. The winner will then repeat the process for a new round. The toy includes the canister, the 55 cards and a rule sheet.
It is a very competitive game which children and adults alike can play. Even if you lose one or two cards, the game will not be affected. You can still play the came even if you are missing some cards. This is a game that easily everyone can be engaged. It is a best way to keep family and friends together indoors during winter or at the beach during summer.
People appreciate the packaging of the cards where it can be stored neatly which reduces the possibility of losing some of the cards. The shape of the cards is unique making them stand out in cases that it would be misplaced. The shape of the cards is a space saver which adds to the good reasons why people can’t stop playing the game. The colors used are very suitable for children which make the search a bit easier. Families can play this game as an excellent pastime. You will never notice the time when you are so engrossed in playing this game. A lot of people play this game while waiting for their meals at restaurants or during their flight. There would no more dull moments for family members or friends when they play this game.
The only thing that the manufacturers have to do is to make the card a bit sturdier. It is not uncommon that children would play the cards often which add up to the wear and tear. There is also a bit of concern about the sustainability of the cards but it is not much of a concern that it would affect game play. It is certainly a game not meant for adults. Well, adults can still play it but it is more suitable to children than anyone else.
This game is also recommended for doctor’s or dentist’s waiting room so that people would have more than just magazines to read while they wait for their appointment. It is also recommended as therapy for people with memory disorders and those who have difficulty focusing since it can help them concentrate better. This is a great game for a wide range of ages that will allow you to see things much differently. An excellent choice for families and friends that wants to do something to bond.