Rock Band The Game – The Video Game Of All Time

Rock Band The Game – The Video Game Of All Time

Ever imagined you were in a rock band? Shredding the air guitar? Banging the drums? Bellowing out the vocals? Well, the time has arrived that you can now do it with Rock Band – The Game. Rock Band The Game is a video game produced by MTV’s Harmonix.

MTV’s Harmonix has come up with the ultimate in music/rhythm gaming. The creators of Guitar Hero has now produced Rock Band The Game and hopefully has it all wrapped up for the holidays. It is designed for your favorite video gaming system. Take your pick – PS2, PS3 and Xbox360.

You can play the game by yourself or get others to join in and play lead guitar, bass, drums or do lead vocals with you. You can have up to four players “jam” with you and play at the same time. What a potential good time!

There are many different levels to Rock Band video game. Congrats to Rock Band’s creators for coming up with such an innovative, multi-layered game. No more sitting on the sidelines for you parents. Now you can play along with your kids as part of the same band! They will look at you in a total different light.

Create your own band logo and then create your own character, complete with multiple avatars that can be set up to play a wide variety of musical instruments. Score high enough and the Rock Band game will advance you to it’s “live” performance level on each instrument or the vocals…this is where you can actually perform your own live solos! Who needs karaoke when you can do it “for real”? Seriously, this game is for the young and old alike.

Judging from the pre-release hysteria, if you plan to jam with your friends and family with Rock Band, you better jump on getting a copy as soon as it’s released. Pre-order sales have already been limited by the manufacturer to only one per household. Best Buy is even offering a sort of Midnight Madness where you can pick up the game as soon as it is released. Amazon says it is available on their website … after Christmas. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. This awesome game will probably sell out in record time.

Harmonix has plans to eventually set up an international, online Rock Band gaming community where you can go to find new band members or just have a jam session. While they’re working on that, get your friends and coworkers to play Rock Band with you. I know one advertising agency has been playing the heck out of Guitar Hero. Rock Band game will take it to a whole new level. They are even designing a week night to play … after work. Talk about bringing comraderie to the work place.

Take it from me. Wire up your gaming system to your home theater system and enjoy the rock concert in your own studio! The Rock Band Game will make a rock star out of you. Who knows? You may be on tour this time next year. Tour meaning your friend’s house, local tavern or maybe even a cruise ship. It can be this popular.