Nintendo Wii: The Most Interactive Video Game System Today

Nintendo Wii: The Most Interactive Video Game System Today

When you ask people what they want in video games, most of them will usually say better graphics and good storyline. However, you will also come across people who want more interactivity from the video games they play. A lot of people want to really experience the game and not just play it.

This is one of the reasons why Nintendo pushed on to develop the Nintendo Wii. Pronounced as “we”, this latest generation video game console has features that will really take you in to the game and not just play it.

Although this is known to be the successor of the highly popular GameCube, the Nintendo Wii is different in its class. In fact, some people even call it as the next generation video game system that every large video game system developer will follow.

In fact, because of its unusual features, Nintendo Wii became the best selling video game system in the world and it even beat its major competitors namely Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 in terms of sale.

The main feature of Nintendo Wii is its remote control. Known as the Wii Remote or the Wii-mote, this particular feature will not just let you play with your favorite video games conventionally but it will really take you inside the game itself. With this feature, you can really experience the finest motion sensitive gaming available today.

The great thing about the Nintendo Wii is that it is so compact. Weighing only 2.7 pounds and is easy to set up, you can bring it anywhere you go. For example, if you are going on a road trip, you can bring your Nintendo Wii along and hook it up on any television set and play for countless hours.

The Wii-mote is the main reason for its popularity. The unusual style of gameplay it offers its gamers is so different from what people got used to in the past that this video game system is considered to be the first in its class to apply such technology. The Wii-mote also comes with an expansion device called the Nunchuk. This particular expansion device can really improve the way you play your games and also increase the interactivity between you and the games you play with Nintendo Wii.

What’s more is that Nintendo Wii is backwards compatible. What this means is that you can still play with your old games with Nintendo Wii. If you have old GameCube games, then you can still play it with the Nintendo Wii.

Nintendo Wii also has released specific games for this video game system. This means that you are in for a real treat.

In addition to that, Nintendo Wii isn’t just for gaming, but because of its high level of interaction with the gamers, it can also serve as a great and fun workout tool. In fact, you can do Yoga with Nintendo Wii.

One great example of how interactive this gaming system is that you should play with Wii Tennis. To play this game in your Nintendo Wii, you need to swing your hands as if you are swinging a real tennis racket. If you need to serve, then you should swing your hand as if you are actually serving in a real tennis game. The same goes for doing the forehand and backhand. Other great sports game that is exclusively designed for Nintendo Wii is the Wii Golf, Wii Table Tennis, and Wii Bowling.

As you can see, the Nintendo Wii is one of the hottest video game systems available in the market today. So, if you are looking for a high level of interaction in video games aside from great graphics, you should definitely go for Nintendo Wii. With this video game system in your home, you can be sure that your family, friends, and guests can have a great time playing video games for countless hours.