Miniclip Games Their Friendly User Ability And Ease Of Installation

Miniclip Games Their Friendly User Ability And Ease Of Installation

My family and I found MiniClip games in 2003 while surfing the web for free downloadable games for our kids. We were pleasantly surprised when at that time our Windows 98 and our measly 64 MB of memory was able to run the game we wanted to download. We became more shocked; when the only extra software we needed to run the games were Macromedia Flash Player and Shockwave, which thanks to other programs we already had installed.

As time progressed we loved the fact that the games were user friendly, had no Adware or Spyware, or required large file downloads. Having Dial-up Internet small file sizes were extremely important. Each of the Games we played loaded easily and we used our mouse or keyboard to play them, saving us money on having to purchase additional items such as game pads or joysticks.

The free games we have downloaded have no time limit before you had to buy or quit using it. With over a 900 different games to choose from you are sure to find some old favorites such as Pac Man, Space Invaders, Battle Ship and more. There are also newer games such as Dancing Bush, Snow Boarding, and Ridge Racer. There are Multiplayer games, Sports Games, and my personal favorite Word Games, and game geared for kids of all ages, plus with many more to choose from, I am sure you will find a game to play.

One of our favorite games that we have found to play is called Trap Shoot, where you pick your own character each having their own special firearm. Then you decide your target, it can range from Clay Pigeons to Chickens and even Beer Cans. The game level begins fairly easy starting at two targets and then with each level you complete the target amount increases. The game continues until you miss your target level, after which the game restarts from the beginning.

The only drawback we found at the time with this game and a few others was the lack of instructions on how to play the game. However more and more of their games have help links and instructions included. As such I recommend trying the game you want to download online first, to see how easy it is to play and whether or not it contains playing instructions. There are also example plays to guide you along so don’t get discouraged and remember we have not by any means played all of them.

For those you have found your favorite game but seem to beat it every time you play, there is now a try/buy sections where many of their free versions are even harder to defeat. With the option to try and then buy, you get to see if the newer or harder version is the right game for you without losing money. There are also 5 Minute games for those of us who need a break but do not have the luxury of free time to begin something more complex.

I hope you and your family find these games as much fun as we have and remember that this is just my opinion and not anyone else.