Lego Star Wars 2 For Sony PS2 (Playstation2)

Lego Star Wars 2 For Sony PS2 (Playstation2)

A video game based on the Star Wars movie was released back in April 2005. It had some few changes when it was rendered into a video game, the most apparent of them being that it was made of the ever-popular building block toy—Lego. The game was made to be child-friendly but is still somehow enjoyable for adults to play.

And now, its developers have come up with the sequel to this game. This is an action/adventure game that is reminiscent of the movie from which it was based on. The action is a full combination of foot levels and opportunities to ride vehicles such as Millenium Falcon, AT-ST walkers, and speederbikes.

There are two main modes of play for this game: Story and Free Play. In the Story mode, one or two players can play through the entire gaming adventure as characters from the movie. Meanwhile, any levels you have competed in can be saved automatically so you can come back to them during Free Play. If you are in the middle of the game, and someone wants to join in, it is possible. All you have to do is plug in a controller and push the start button, and you and your friend can enjoy the game together.

You start the game in Mos Eisley Cantina, which also serves as the central hub for all the levels. There are also three lounges labeled IV, V and VI, where you access the levels. You start off with the first level of episode IV available, and once you have completed that more levels will be opened.

If there is something lacking in this particular title it is that it does not allow online play. It would be interesting to see an online match of Lego-ized characters, but this game promises so much action that this is not really seen as liability. Meanwhile, the shorter loading times for the game is a really good thing as you do not waste so much of your time waiting between levels.

As characters have infinite lives, the difficulty level is pretty much gone in this game. If your character gets killed, it will eventually reappear later on and you would only have earned some penalty in the process.

The controls for this game is simple, requiring only single buttons to make different moves such as attack, to unlock special abilities, switching between characters and jumping. However, other times you need a specific control for your character to do certain things. If you want to switch into a particular character in the middle of a game, simply face that character and press the triangle button.

As for the graphics of this game, there is not much to leave you disappointed as it is so much like in the movie version. Some minor glitches might be too minor for it to affect your overall enjoyment of the game. And with sounds that are so much alike that of the movie, there is some huge reason for you to be nostalgic of the film.