Learn A New Language – Should You Learn French Or Spanish?

Learn A New Language – Should You Learn French Or Spanish?

If you want to learn a second language, you should learn French or Spanish. Why? Because French is the most commonly spoken language in the world after English…

French is seen by many as the language of love. I don’t know why but French seems to be a synonym of romance. It is true that Paris is a beautiful place, don’t you want to have a walk on the champs Elysées?

Spanish is also a language that you should consider. French is my native tongue, but Spanish sounds more romantic than French to me.

Something that you will find very interesting if you choose to learn any of these too languages is that once you know one, it will be really easy to learn to speak the other. I said speak, because writing might be an issue.

Suppose you decide to study French for example. Most of the Spanish word are similar to French words because both languages come from the Latin (nobody speak Latin anymore, but you can still study it in France).

Let me give you an example: Let translate the word “photography” in English: in French, this word will become ‘photographie’. In ‘Espagnol’ (Spanish), the word “photography” is said: “fotografía” (note the accent on the ‘i’).

So let’s recapitulate: Photography ==> photographie ==> fotografía.

These words are really close, you don’t think?

Another example: In English, the word ‘school’ becomes ‘école’ in French, and ‘escuela’ in Spanish.

Again, these words seem to have the same root. There are hundreds of words like these.

So if you are hesitating between Spanish and French, don’t be stuck: Learn French and Spanish, or Spanish and French.

You will feel much better when you master two or three languages, and who knows you may become a professional translator.

By the way, look at this: Translation in English becomes Traduction in French and finally, traducción in Spanish.

There are hundreds of examples… Another question that you may ask is: is Spanish easier Than French? We will see that in another article.