International Schools for Film Study

International Schools for Film Study

United States’ media industry produces an approximate 95% of the world’s premier movie films, not to mention television shows and other media spin-offs. This fact alone tells that the film industry is one of the most lucrative careers to pursue nowadays. And while looks and acting talent are prospects for the glamorous jobs of acting, skills are the emphasis in behind curtain jobs like script writing, animating, and multimedia producing.

Film schools have propagated to a number of countries, especially in the advent of mass media and advance electronics that allow just about anyone a career in film making. But the choices for the best film schools, international schools for film study remains uncommon. Here are some of the best international schools for film study.

Currently, United States leads the race in media technology. Its obvious, all exceptional films we see are of Hollywood origin. All those animation technology we see in Lords of the Rings, King Kong and Star Wars are of Hollywood design. Naturally we can also assume that the best international schools for film study are in the west part of the globe.

In California, there are a lot of international schools of film study worth mentioning, but the best schools of them all fall on two: the American Film Institute and the Academy of Art University.

Academy of Art

Academy of Art University has the reputation of the largest film design school in the United States, occupying over 30 buildings in downtown San Francisco and enrolling 9,500 students.

Their School of Motion Pictures and Television Program is designed to help students hone their filmmaking skills while keeping them in touch with other basics like geography, math and psychology.

American Film Institute

AFI was conceptualized as an independent not for profit organization with the intent of preserving America’s film heritage. However, with the influx of talents and several programs friendly to novice filmmakers ready to learn American film history and film aesthetics, AFI had morph into one of the most advance film training center of United States. And proof to their status as one of the exceptional international school of film study are past graduates Caleb Deschanel, Janusz Zygmunt Kamiñski and Robert Bridge Richardson.

La Fémis

La Fémis in France is among the top picks for international schools for film study since starting at1944. And since then, La Fémis hjad become France’s prestigious reference when it comes to film making, churning out talents like film directors François Ozon and Jean-Paul Civeyrac.

Due to its reputation, many have been seeking entry to its prestigious element that it has become the most competitively selective institution. Out of 1,500 students international and local, only 36 are chosen.

La Fémis is a technical film school, employing first hand experience to their students making them adept at filming techniques by the time of their graduation. Their film library holds over 2000 shorts, documentaries, and movies previous works of La Fémis students.