How to Get More Involved In Your Child’s Education

How to Get More Involved In Your Child’s Education

A child’s education begins at home, but parental involvement doesn’t end when that child steps through the school door.

Studies show that children not only do better in school when their parents are involved, they also tend to go further in the education system.

To help you stay connected while your child is in class, many school systems are using a high-speed notification and response service called the Immediate Response Information System, or IRIS.

Developed by TechRadium Inc., IRIS sends routine, priority and emergency messages electronically from school to parents, guardians and emergency responders. These messages – which range from informing you of your child’s attendance record and grades to alerting you of early school closures due to inclement weather – are sent to home and cell phones, e-mail accounts, pagers, fax machines and PDAs.

Though better communication between school and home is one way parents can become more involved, the following tips offer further ways parents can participate in their children’s education:

* Talk regularly. Whether it’s at dinner or during the drive home from school, ask your child questions about the school day and about homework assignments.

* Help your child practice good study habits. Create a

quiet, clutter-free study space. If homework help is needed, assist with the work but don’t do it for your child.

* Get suggestions from teachers. If your child is having trouble in a subject or is displaying behavioral problems, arrange a meeting with your child’s teacher to discuss the matter and possible solutions.

* Attend meetings. You can learn about new and pending school policies at school board meetings. PTA meetings also can provide aid and support for parents.