How Can I Learn Film Making Without Going To School?

How Can I Learn Film Making Without Going To School?

This site can put you in touch with a course that will teach you film making without going to school. This DVD course is taught by 15 Emmy, Telly, and Cine award winning Hollywood film maker Jason J. Tomaric. He spent over 2 years developing this ideal film instruction course. He uses his film- “Time and Again” as a case study for the 5.5 hour interactive DVD that will take you through the entire film making process.

He has taught at film schools throughout the nation, including the New York Film Academy, and Ucla, and will take you to the set of his film. Your instructors will be the professional film makers who worked on the film. There is certainly no boring instruction on this DVD set, and you will be shown how to make a Hollywood caliber movie on a very small budget.

The advice and guidance you will glean from this DVD series is easy to follow, and no serious student of film making should be without it. Everything the novice film maker needs to know can be found on this series. These quality production values are available to anyone who has ever wanted to be a film maker.

You will learn everything about directing, casting, writing, cinematography, producing, editing and much more. This set includes a CD-ROM with all of the storyboards, scripts, industry resource guides, and contracts. There is even unabridged footage that you can practice editing at home. You will also receive in-depth interviews with cast, crew and other important people on the film.

First you will watch the film “Time and Again”, and then move on to Disc 2. This has over 30 chapters in 5 units over 5.5 hours. These cover the film making process from start to finish. Disc 3 contains the actual script with notes from the director himself. You will also receive templates to use for your own projects.

The Producer’s Notebook is a tool that will show you the paper structure you will need to make a great movie on a small budget. This includes:

* Directors notes and Shooting Script.
* Storyboards.
* Contracts with crew, cast and locations.
* Breakdown of the scenes.
* Call Sheets.
* Camera Logs
* Industry resource guides from, Panavision, Apple Computer, Arri, Audio-Technica, Lowel, Matthews Studio Equipment on lighting, editing, camera gear, and more.

You will also receive a 270 page Production Manual, full of tips you need to know, diagrams, resources, tricks, and charts. This manual will tell you everything you need to know about film making, and covers everything from insurance, acting, directing, editing, distribution, fund raising, and budgeting.

If you want to know more about this great DVD on film making, or you would like to order the DVD set you can find it all at: You will learn film making from the best and never need to set foot in a film school. Better yet, you will learn at your own pace how to become a great film maker.