Helicopter Flash Game

Helicopter Flash Game

When I typed in “helicopter flash game” to my favorite search engine, I thought I was into something high-tech. I thought I would have the chance to fly my favorite Blackhawk helicopter along with other helicopters I want to fly for free. But then, my hopes fade away when I saw what is up for me… A helicopter flash game that seems to be as old as the first video game created.

What I saw was neither an RPG nor a simulator. I did not see any Blackhawk, Heuy, Comanche or Apache. I did not see anything that would spark a single interest that would make me feel like playing it. But what the fuss? I am on the site so made my very first click.

And so the game began. At first I did not know how to make the helicopter fly. And since this was the case, the tiny helicopter on my screen that’s surrounded by neon green wall kept on falling down. I never read the instructions or the ‘how to play’ portion of the window since I was not planning to spend another minute with it. But then again, what the fuss?

And so, for the second time within the period of 1 minute, I read the ‘how to play’ portion. I realized it wasn’t so hard. All I have to do is to hold the button of my mouse to make the helicopter raise and release it if I want to lower the helicopter.

What happened next was unexpected. After getting the hang of it and beating my personal best game after game, I was playing the helicopter flash game for several minutes that I never noticed it at all.

Okay, I admit, the game is very addictive. For several reason:

The helicopter flash game is easy to play even your kid will learn it in no time. There is only to way to go: either up or down. You don’t need to go forward or backward for the helicopter will automatically fly forward. All you have to do is to make it go up or down.

The helicopter flash game is so simple. It may not have very good graphics but hey! At the office, you cannot really play modern games.

And, the helicopter game has no ending. You can play it over and over again, period.

Sometimes, I just want to see the helicopter plummet the ground or hit the wall, just to see and hear the explosion. Try it if you like. You might not get the same experience as I do but the thing is, you have tried it.