Common Bingo Strategies And A Few Rules To Follow

Common Bingo Strategies And A Few Rules To Follow

For those of us who play Bingo on a regular basis, we know that no matter what we do, there is always the element of chance involved in game play, and that we may play our best game and still not win. For those who don’t play Bingo often, or aren’t very familiar with the game, I will briefly describe the way it works for you. In the game of Bingo, each participating player receives at least one game card, which has B-I-N-G-O written across the top, and then 25 squares, one being a free space, and the other 24 being filled with various numbers, from one all the way to seventy-five.

Once all players have chosen their game cards, a caller with start calling random numbers, and as those numbers are called, players put small tokens over the matching numbers on their cards. Numbers continue to be called until one player declares Bingo, and the numbers have been checked for accuracy. To get Bingo, you have to either match a pre-determined pattern on your card, or get all of the numbers in a straight line, diagonally, vertically, or horizontally. Your free space can help you win the game. If you play online Bingo games, some websites use gaming software that will actually fill in your cards for you as the numbers are being called, and will alert you when you have a winning card, so that you can call Bingo. Not everyone likes this feature, as they feel it takes the fun out of their game play.

Many people say that winning or losing at Bingo really doesn’t have anything to do with the skill of the player, that it is all just the luck of the numbers. But, others say that is the very reason Bingo players need a good strategy, so that they can combat the luck that so often goes against them during the game.

As stated earlier, Bingo uses numbers 1-75, which players can use in their favor. If a ball ending in a high number, such as 8 is drawn, chances are slight that another ball ending in the same number will be drawn again anytime soon. When picking your cards, you should keep in mind that the caller is more likely to draw odd numbers than even, and try to pick a card containing mostly odd numbers.

Really the only strategy that you can use in Bingo has to do with card selection, and that is just based on your knowledge of how the numbers are usually called, and with that huge element of chance involved in every game, even that isn’t a sure way to win the game.

So, when you start to play your next game of Bingo, pay special attention to the numbers on your card, and try to find one that has several odd numbers, even numbers, low numbers and high numbers, as you will increase your odds of winning, if luck is on your side.