College Students and Time Management

College Students and Time Management

You all know how difficult it is to balance your studies and other activities in school, especially in examination weeks. It seems like you should do everything all at once. Students, especially college students, find it very hard to balance their hectic schedule.

If you are a college student, there are probably many things to do in school that you almost have no more time to study or miss spending time with your friends. This can be very frustrating and could lead you to get bored on your studies.

Knowing how to balance your time can and will work to your advantage. You can perform all your school activities and spend time with your friends when you know how to manage your schedule or time.

Having time management skills is very important for college students. With effective planning of your schedule, you will not get bored on your studies.

Exam weeks are probably the most hectic schedule you will ever have as a college student. You will be very busy on your studies and need lots of time with your books. However, there are also activities you need to do outside your school like, going to the laundry, or driving to town to buy groceries or eat.

If you listen to music while you are driving then you can study while driving by listening to audio study tapes or CD’s. You can record your entire professor’s lecture in a cassette and use them for study purposes.

This method is very efficient and very useful. Just name all tapes about the topic and date. This will be easier to understand than reading.

You can also try to attend seminars where speakers can teach and advise you on time management. Remember that scheduling and time management is important for you as a college student and as an individual.

Just imagine missing an important appointment and deadlines for projects, it can be very frustrating and can cost you your grades and social life. Imagine the frustration this will give you, that is why time management is very important.

Time management does not necessarily mean that you have to study more and socialize less. It will give you an idea on how to balance both and how to make use of your time that will fit your need.

Time management will also show you how to set your priorities straight. Some college students tend to forget about their important duties and priorities in school and ends up getting frustrated.

To start managing your time you first need to know how much time you spend on each specific activities you do.

First, you have to take note of all the activities you do for a week and list down how much time you spend on each typical activity. Doing this will help you prepare more efficiently on a specific subject or class of the day, and it will also help you identify which activity is a waste of time.

Set more time studying on subjects you know that you have difficulty on. If you think a particular subject is easy for you, try to take one hour of study time from that particular subject and add that extra hour on more difficult subjects.

Try to stick to your schedules as much as possible. College students are easily tempted by social activities like gathering of friends in a bar for a drink. Learn to say no to your friends. This is very important to avoid failing in classes. If you are invited on a school night to go out and have fun, tell your acquaintance that you are studying and could not afford to fail in the particular class.

Sometimes, it is very tempting that you should join your friends. You might think that you can pass up studying for today and you can always study the next day. Students make this common mistake college, if your schedule says that you should study, and then you have to study. Of course, you need to socialize, but do it in your free time.

Knowing proper management of your time as a college student can further help you in your future as a professional.

With this knowledge, you can easily adjust to the world of offices and work. Always remember that there are times for studying and there are times for having fun.