Bartending Certification

Bartending Certification


It seems bartending has been somebody else’s fantasy. Cool night work pouring martinis, splashing olives over rye, listening to endless jazz music, and socializing with patrons from any civilian status, most people are willing to change typical office profession for a night shift bartending. It’s not hard to wonder though; bartending can get you mostly $100 a night from tips alone. But what most people miss about bartending is that it is a specialized job that needs formal training to be considered fit or even competent to recommend a drink. And this scenario happens all the time. And aside from those mentioned above, a bartender has more responsibilities attached to his job description than an accountant.

Bartending is a full time job and a professional one too. In fact, around 90% of the bartenders hold a college degree. But degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management (or other similarly named fields) isn’t that complete. To be competent, one must study arts and cultures that are specialized to bartending. That’s why bartending certifications are often a requirement during the application process.

Bartending Certification can be acquired by several means. One is through formal schooling and another is over the internet, through online bartending modules.

Nexgen Bartending at

As an Online Bartending Certification School, Nexgen Bartending offers a lesser cost alternative to real world Bartending School. Yet even though exclusively online, Nexgen Bartending assures all the skills needed for the perfect bartender. Nexgen fights for its name too, the teachers over at Nexgen Bartending make sure their students receive the best training possible.

Bartending College Online at

The “brick and mortar” bartending institution Bartending College Online presents the most comprehensive Online Bartending Certification Program that students can take on their own terms. Online bartending study is a very viable option time wise, considering you can study at your own pace, a rather friendly option on people with tight schedules. Bartending College Online is state approved; the Bartending Certificates acquired from them are accepted nationwide.

Professional Bartending Schools of America at

Perhaps the most widespread of the bartending schools, Professional Bartending Schools of America still lives up its fame by offering Bartending Certification after completing their program set up by the school. As an added perk, students will receive backing and suggested placements upon completion of their program.

No doubt Professional Bartending Schools of America is the most stable bartending learning institution in the United States, with 38 state licensed bartending schools all around the US. And they prefer hands on learning than online, so this isn’t an online course. That’s more appropriate, judging those skills a bartender should have aren’t that easy to acquire and learn. Plus it’s the only way for anyone to be familiarizing with the drinks and cocktails, while also learning the vital work etiquette that are only taught by observations.